I have done a serious research while looking for a company that could provide full packing and moving of my 4 bedroom house into my new home few miles away. I spoke with different moving company's managers, received different quotes and in the end decided to go with Cloud9 Moving because of the best quote and most importantly the most friendly and professional moving coordinator, Irene. Btw, I also didnt want to worry about time and supplies cost (those can really add up) so Irene offered to provide me with an all inclusive flat rate and it worked out perfectly! Everything from the first in-house estimate to planning of where each piece of furniture will be placed in my new home to the actual moving day was masterfully coordinated and executed.

Boris R.
Potomac, MD

It's rare that you find any company that is efficient and retains excellent customer service. Cloud9 Moving Company is a minority-owned small business that exemplifies what other companies only strive for. 
Our son faced a last minute move from his apartment, and he contacted Irene towards the end of the month, the busiest time in the moving business. Irene was very hands on from the beginning, tracking timing, updating him and physically helping her able guys with the move.
They took their lead from her, and all of them moved with consistent and polite efficiency.
Irene and Cloud9 Moving put customer service number one, and if this is the norm and not the exception, this moving company will be a standout in a competitive market.
We highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Anna A.
Rockville, MD

Fantastic moving company!!! 

I called around for quotes and these guys responded quickly, were friendly and knowledgeable and gave me the best rate for my 2bd/2bath apartment move. 

On the day of the actual move the crew (Alex and Sasha) arrived on time, took utmost care of my belongings, were so fast that they finished earlier then estimated. 

Al V.
Calabasas, CA

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to the purchase of supplies and/or services (“Services”).Upon acceptance of the Order for Service (“Estimate”) prepared by Cloud Nine Moving Company, LLC (“Cloud9 Moving”), purchaser (“Client”) agrees to adhere to all the provisions listed below.

General Terms

Estimates and Billing:

  • Although Cloud9 Moving always tries to meet the scheduled start time, it is impossible to predict all of the possible variables, such as traffic and the duration of the previous move. Therefore, Cloud9 Moving cannot discount late arrivals.
  • Local moves are billed by the hour consisting of the hourly rate, travel/truck fee, and the anticipated time range of the move.  The clock starts when we arrive on site and ends when you are satisfied with the placement of your belongings in your new residence.  Long distance and piece moves are billed at a flat rate.  This is not an exhaustive list of fees.  Additional fees may also apply.
  • A hourly Estimate is a non-binding, general idea of how long a move will take under normal conditions. The actual move may take more time than estimated due to an insufficient inventory list, greater number of boxes, size and difficulty of moving certain items, greater distance, traffic, weather, undisclosed details, access to elevators/loading docks, and other unforeseen factors.
  • All downtime is billable (waiting for elevator setup, property key holder is late, etc.)
  • A flat fee/rate is a binding Estimate and will not change so as long as your inventory and access details are accurate.
  • In the event of loss or damage, all items are covered under released valuation (rate varies by state), unless Client opts for full valuation in writing prior to the start of the move at an additional cost.
  • Failure to provide an accurate list of furniture and desriptions of pick up and drop off locations will result in a $250 penalty not including fees for any additional oversized items and flights of stairs above the second floor with no elevator access. We appreciate your truthfulness and descriptions as they help maintain our schedule and provide for 5-star service throughout.
  • Clients should notify us prior to the move if there is a cockroach or bed bug infestation. We reserve the right to cancel the move in cases of unsanitary living conditions or charge a $250 truck clean up fee if we do proceed with the move.


  • Afternoon and evening moves do not have fixed start times. They will vary depending on when previous moves are finished.
  • We kindly request that the Client is available two hours prior to and after the scheduled move time.


  • It is the Client’s responsibility to be packed and ready to go on moving day, unless they are using our packing services. Extra charges/time may apply if the Client is not packed or is still packing.
  • Scheduling parking/elevator/loading dock times is the Client’s responsibility prior to the day of the move.
  • Any changes to the Client’s move (additional items or boxes, location changes, etc.) should be brought to Cloud9 Moving attention as early as possible. Failure to do so will result in the hourly rate increase to time and a half and may result in the move taking longer than the estimated time frame.
  • Client must notify Cloud9 Moving if a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is required by the buildings they are moving out of and into as soon as possible, but at least 72 hours in advance of move.

Furniture and Packing Care:

  • Cloud9 Moving will not be held responsible for damages to items the Client chooses to not have padded and/or shrink wrapped.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not be held responsible for damages to items or property when the Client chooses to have force applied to items during course of move.
  • Cloud9 Moving does it’s best to point out previous furniture damage, and can not be held responsible for any item that is damaged prior to moving.
  • Due to a lack of structural integrity, Cloud9 Moving is not liable for damage that occurs to any furniture made of pressed wood or particleboard.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not be held responsible for damages to items within boxes not packed by Cloud9 Moving, unless physical damage is done to the box during the move.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not be held responsible for large (8 sq. ft. or greater) fragile items that are required to be crated in order to move the item safely (ie: works of art/statues, slabs of marble/granite, panes of glass/mirrors, etc.).  If Client should choose to have Cloud9 Moving move such item it will be at Client’s risk.
  • Client must notify Cloud9 Moving of any items of extraordinary value ($100 per pound or greater) that will be handled by Cloud9 Moving.  These items must be packed by Cloud9 Moving or by the Client in the presence of the Cloud9 Moving Crew Leader.  These items must be explicitly listed on the Bill of Lading and acknowledged by Cloud9 Moving and Client via signatures.
  • All fragile items must be packed and labeled appropriately.  Cloud9 Moving reserves the right to pack any items not already packed and will charge the Client for time and materials.  Cloud9 Moving is not responsible for any items the client chooses not to have boxed.


  • Notice of cancellation must be given 72 hours prior to the day of the Client’s move via email or phone (voicemail cancellations not accepted). The CLIENT will be charged $150 for failure to provide notice.
  • Cancellations on the day of the Client’s move will result in the Client being charged $150 plus our travel charge plus one hour of labor.
  • Cloud9 Moving at any time, with or without written notice, may interrupt all or any part of the work to be performed hereunder and may make reasonable changes within the general scope of the Services. Cloud9 Moving shall not be liable for any costs incurred resulting from such changes or termination of Services.


  • Cloud9 Moving is unable to remove any permanently affixed item such as carpeting, plumbing or electrical fixtures, etc.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not reassemble cribs.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not disconnect or reconnect any water or gas lines.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not mount flat screen TV’s or wall coverings.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not transport clients, live animals, hazardous (including, but not limited to chemicals, paint, fuel, firearms and ammunition) or perishable items.
  • Cloud9 Moving promotional offers and discounts cannot be combined.
  • Cloud9 Moving reserves the right to refuse to move any item that is not specifically mentioned in Client’s inventory.
  • Cloud9 Moving will not be responsible for any lawn, shrubs, trees, or anything else that may get damaged due to parking somewhere at a customer’s request. If Cloud9 Moving’s truck gets stuck or damaged due to parking somewhere at the Client’s request, Client is responsible for any towing or other charges that result from said damage. 

Legal Terms

Invoicing and Payment:

As full consideration for the Services provided, Client will tender payment to Cloud9 Moving (“Fee”).  All charges shall be invoiced upon completion of Services less any deposit paid upon booking. If Client is not providing payment prior to or at time of performance of Services, Client agrees to make full payment upon completion of Services.  Failure of Client to make payment for Services may result in collections proceedings, legal proceedings, and any other remedies afforded Cloud9 Moving by law. Notice of any disputes regarding the Services or Fee should be provided in writing as soon as possible, but no later than two (2) days following conclusion of the Services.  Client agrees that failure to raise a timely dispute shall be deemed a waiver of their right to dispute the Fee and Client shall promptly owe the full Fee owed to Cloud9 Moving as invoiced.


No warranties express or implied are made by Cloud9 Moving.


The Client hereby agrees to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Cloud9 Moving from and against any and all liabilities, damages, losses and judgments, including attorney fees, and all other costs and expenses which may be incurred by reason of loss or damage to property or by reason of injury or death of any person directly resulting from or caused by the negligent acts or omissions of the Client and/or his/her agents, officers, employees, or any person acting on behalf of Client during the performance of Services. Notwithstanding the foregoing, if the act or omission of Cloud9 Moving is a factor contributing to any claim for which Cloud9 Moving seeks indemnity hereunder, the respective liabilities of the parties to one another regarding such claim shall be in proportion to the relative fault of the parties.

Limitation of Liability:



For any dispute that may arise, Cloud9 Moving and Client agree to seek an amicable resolution of such dispute through good faith negotiations. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, which can’t be resolved through good faith negotiations, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the Moving Authority Arbitration Program.

Governing Law:

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Maryland, without regard to its choice of law principles.  In the event any provision of this agreement is rendered unenforceable by law, this agreement shall be construed and enforced as if such provision had not been included herein and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.