It's rare that you find any company that is efficient and retains excellent customer service. Cloud9 Moving Company is a minority-owned small business that exemplifies what other companies only strive for. 
Our son faced a last minute move from his apartment, and he contacted Irene towards the end of the month, the busiest time in the moving business. Irene was very hands on from the beginning, tracking timing, updating him and physically helping her able guys with the move.
They took their lead from her, and all of them moved with consistent and polite efficiency.
Irene and Cloud9 Moving put customer service number one, and if this is the norm and not the exception, this moving company will be a standout in a competitive market.
We highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Anna A.
Rockville, MD

Very detailed , punctual and nice people. Would highly recommend!

Martin F.
Sun Valley, CA

I have done a serious research while looking for a company that could provide full packing and moving of my 4 bedroom house into my new home few miles away. I spoke with different moving company's managers, received different quotes and in the end decided to go with Cloud9 Moving because of the best quote and most importantly the most friendly and professional moving coordinator, Irene. Btw, I also didnt want to worry about time and supplies cost (those can really add up) so Irene offered to provide me with an all inclusive flat rate and it worked out perfectly! Everything from the first in-house estimate to planning of where each piece of furniture will be placed in my new home to the actual moving day was masterfully coordinated and executed.

Boris R.
Potomac, MD

Moving Guide

Do you offer free on-site estimates?

Yes, we do. All of our on-site estimates are free, but unfortunately we can’t offer an on-site estimate to everyone. Especially if your home is more than 20 miles away from our headquarters or if you have a last minute move. Call us to find out if we offer free on-site estimates in your neighborhood.

How do you charge for local moves?

The cost for local moves is mostly based on the number of movers needed, the time it takes to move your belongings and the drive time between your old and new residence. Check out our local moving page for more information about pricing.

Am I getting charged for movers taking their breaks?

No. You will not be charged for movers’ break time. Take a break with them. They have some pretty funny stories.

Do you charge extra for stairs and long walk?

Long carry charges are $35 for every 50 feet after initial 150 feet. First flight of stairs is free of charge; there is a $35/hr fee for every additional flight of stairs. 

Is gratuity included?

No, gratuity is not included but it is always greatly appreciated!

What forms of payment do you accept?

For local moves, we accept all types of credit card payments and cash. There is a 5% surcharge for credit card payments.

For long distance moves we accept credit card payments, cash or cashier’s check. Please note that there will be a 5% surcharge for using a credit card to pay for a long distance move.

No personal or business checks will be accepted for any type of move.

Do you move on Sundays? Weekends? Holidays?

Yes. We move all year round. We really love it that much.

Can I ride with the movers?

We’re flattered that you’d want to spend that much time with us, but for liability purposes, we do not allow clients to ride with the movers. You can always follow our trucks with your personal car.

Are my items insured with you? What is valuation?

A moving company offers valuation for your goods, which is not technically insurance. Valuation refers to how much a moving company will pay for your belongings if they are damaged or lost by the moving company. Valuation is regulated by the State or the Federal Government. (The State when you’re making a local move. The Federal Government when you’re making a move that crosses State lines.) All licensed moving companies include the basic valuation in the cost of your move. In Maryland, basic valuation is $.60 per pound per item.

Valuation is based on how much something weighs. So a one pound bag of sugar and a one pound bag of diamonds is valued exactly the same. Its valuation in Maryland is: $.60. If it’s worth more than $.60 per pound per item to you, you may want to purchase additional insurance from a third party that sells insurance NOT from your moving company. You can also purchase additional valuation directly from your moving company.

Why don’t you tell me the exact number of hours it’s going to take for a local move?

The law also forbids us and any other reputable moving company from giving exact quotes over the phone. Instead, the law requires us to give you rates. The government knew we didn’t have a crystal ball to see into the future and give you an exact time. Wouldn’t that be useful if we did, though? Moving from a two bedroom place to a three bedroom place just doesn’t tell the whole story about your move. You could be a packrat. You could be a zen minimalist. You could be a pro packer do-it-yourselfer. You could be a pro delegator. Your move is unique to you so the time it takes will be, too. For more about local move pricing, check out the local moves page.

Do you offer commercial/office moves?

We can help you with every step of your commercial/office move. For more information, go to our Office Moves page.

How ready do I have to be for the movers?

That’s up to you. You can pack as little or as much as you like. However please let us know ahead of time if you would like to have packing services. If you are packing on your own, we recommend having everything packed and ready to go on the day of the move. And please don’t forget to remove everything from the drawers (unless they are really small).

Do you move plants?

We only move plants for local moves. Unfortunately, we’re not allowed to move plants across state lines or for intrastate moves due to government regulations. Also, plants need water and light; our trucks aren’t equipped to show them that kind of love.

How do I know that you will give me a great rate?

Because we have a great reputation, and great reputation = great rates. Thankfully, no one wins awards and accolades for overcharging. If a moving company has a great reputation, that means they don’t slap you with a bill the size of a moving truck after the boxes have been unpacked. People don’t write five star reviews when they think they’ve overpaid. No hidden charges. No rip-offs. A great reputation is really the best way to make sure you’ll be getting a great rate.

What do I do with my kids on moving day?

Step one: do not feed them lots of sugar. Step two: cash in on all those play dates, sleepovers and Grandma time!

Will you save me a trip and donate all that stuff I don’t want?

Gladly! Whether you’re getting rid of clothes, books, or that old tube TV, we can donate your unwanted stuff to the charity of your choice (has to be somewhere nearby thought). We also offer junk removal services.

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