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They arrived early, were professional, and made the move very smooth and easy. These guys know what they are doing and I would definitely use again. 
   Price was as quoted.

Brian N., Silver Spring, MD

Irene is so accommodating and wonderful! I had to reschedule several times due to the date changing on my house closing and she was extremely understanding and sweet. The movers ended up showing up to my storage unit early (before I had even arrived) and were so quick! They finished unloading a 1 bedroom apartment to my new place in about 2.5 hours! I will definately use and recommend Cloud9 moving!

Courtney R., Washington DC

Moved on Sept. 15 and had a great experience with Cloud9 movers. Two of the staff showed up on time, moved fast and efficiently. Irene and her team was very professional and organized. Easiest move ever. :-)

Tia N., Washington DC

This review is long overdue.  I was referred to Cloud 9 by a friend who bought a Groupon.  It turned out that the Groupon did not qualify in my zip code, but Irene was able to accommodate me with a summer special and a slight discount on the one-time travel fee (since I was over 20mi out of their HQ).  Their hourly rate is also more competitive than alot of moving companies in the VA/Arlington area ($85 vs. $160).  Other moving companies I called were so snooty, and told me they would charge me a $25 service fee even if they were only 1 mi down the street from them, and a minimum two hour charge of $160/hr.  

Irene recommended I pay for 2hrs given I had a small apartment.  I was concerned it wouldn't be enough time, but her two movers arrived, unloaded, drove, and unloaded all just under that time.  They had even arrived 30 min. early, but waited until their appointment time to call me, unlike most companies that expect you to drop what you're doing if they arrive 30-60min. early.  Her men worked in the DC heat and got it done.  They didn't drag the job on like how you hear with some movers.  I would recommend hiring Cloud 9-- even if it means paying a little more for the service fee if they are far from you.  The money and headache you save in the long run is worth it.

P.S. there is a long walkway charge however of $50

J P., Washington, DC

I don't usually post reviews on Yelp but I had to make an exception for Cloud 9. I have moved a lot over the years and have not had such a personalized and professional move ever. I cannot say enough great things about Irene and her team. Not only was the cost the most competitive quote I received, but they moved with such efficiency it blew me away. I highly recommend them!

Scott G., Washington, DC Review

I recently hired this company to handle a move from a 2 bedroom apartment in a tiny community to a 3 bedroom apartment in a large tower complex. 

Irene was very friendly and accessible. I interacted with her via phone and email, and each time, she was very responsive and forthcoming with all of the answers to the questions I had. After reading the reviews here, I felt good moving forward with this company. 

Al and Slava showed up on time and worked very quickly and efficiently, even during the record breaking heat. I was very impressed with the level of service I received and I highly recommend this company. I will definitely use them again!

Ericka J., Silver Spring, MD Review

Five star service all around! They really did do a FANTASTIC JOB!

I contacted and received estimates for around 13 companies in the area but once I started talking to Irene, the owner on the phone, I knew I had found the company to move my 2 bedroom condo. Irene was amazing, she offered the best price in town, super friendly, no hidden fees, EXTREMELY accommodating with my schedule changes, and lastly was just honest about everything. I loved that it was a locally owned company as well. 

She estimated the job to take 4 hours and it did with 10 minutes to spare! Both my dad and I were helping along side them so maybe we would have went over if we weren't there to assist. The 2 workers she sent were some of the HARDEST WORKERS I have ever seen. They had to move everything down 3 flights of stairs at the old location and then again up 3 flights of stairs at the second location! They took the time to carefully load the boxes, wrap furniture, etc.

I highly recommend them and will be definitely using them again when I move!!   Thank you for making moving day much less stressful!

DJ L., Beltsville, MD Review

I don't typically review things, but I had to take a minute today to write this one. 

In an industry where you don't always know what you're getting, you can rest easy with Cloud9. Irene was incredibly warm and responsive setting things up on the front end. Gave a variety of pricing options for my move, all of which were extremely competitive. Quick and easy to book and confirm. 

On moving day, Alex and his guys arrived early, the job took longer than estimated (my fault, I undersold it), and it was 93 degrees outside, but it didn't phase them. They just kept busting their tails until the job was done. No hiccups along the way. They really knocked it out of the park. 

Thanks, Irene, Alex, and team!

Alex M., Washington, DC Review

Wonderful moving company!

Irene coordinated a move for me at the last minute. The moving team was fantastic and they had everything in my new apartment in less time than anticipated!

Melanie F., Laurel, MD Review

Great moving company. The rates were really fair and the movers showed up on time and were able to find parking in a spot that was difficult to find parking with no complaints. With all the stress that goes into moving, they really helped make everything easier and did a great job!

Sam M., Washington, DC

Wow, these guys are nothing short of amazing. I ended up going with them because, of all the companies I contacted, Irene was so very kind and friendly. The three guys that showed up were awesome; they loaded all of the stuff in the truck in less than 40 minutes, and the entire move, including the drive to the house & unloading, took less than 1.5 hours total. Talk about hard workers! I'll always Cloud9 for moving

Tara Z., Washington, DC Review

Absolutely an amazing job! Alex and another guy come in and knocked it out! Wrapped everything and made sure things were secure. They even had bins for cumbersome items that I didn't know how to pack. They were life savers again when they pulled out the wardrobe boxes. Very professional and courteous! I will chose them again when ever I move! Thank you for such a smooth move!

Adrian W., Myrtle Beach, SC Review

Cloud 9 is as good as a moving company as you can get. I scheduled them for a 4 hour move,, because there was much more than expected, they hung out and moved the additional items relating into an additional 3 hours with no hesitation. I strongly recommend them.

Christopher H., Centreville, VA Review

Cloud9 was great!  Irene was super nice and helpful in setting up the move, and the two movers were very efficient and got everything moved (carefully!  nothing broken, scratched, etc.) as quickly as possible.

Abby S., Silver Spring, MD Review

I give these guys five stars because of their devotion and passion for their work. They work for the client and do the moving fast! Nice people to deal with!

Tirán Y., Rockville, MD Review

“Great experience! Irene is super nice and helpful in getting the move set up and the movers were on time, careful with our stuff and incredibly efficient.”

Abigail L., Silver Spring, MD Review

We had a great moving experience with Cloud9 Moving team. Our movers arrived on time, were professional, worked hard and beat their own time and cost estimate. Nothing was broken or damaged during the move. I couldn't have asked for more! I will recommend Cloud9 Moving to all my friends and family.

Sarah K., Silver Spring, MD Review

Cloud 9 Moving Company is excellent. For me, Cloud 9 was reputable, professional, timely, courteous, responsive, and very well priced. They work smart and do a great job. Cloud 9 worked with me to solve my moving needs.

Frances T., Rockville, MD Review

Excellent work guys! The first move that was actually enjoyable:  easy and fast reservation of moving date, careful and professional movers. Everything was packed, loaded and unloaded with care and caution. I will recommend them to all friends. Thank you!

Brian P., Washington, DC Review

I am moving and had to place all of my stuff to storage, since my new place is not ready for a move in just yet. I looked on Google and Yelp (of course) and submitted several requests for quotes. This moving company was the first one to reply, I was asked some detailed questions about my move, and was given a very good estimate. What is really great, is that they promised to beat any competitors price if you forward them a written quote. I didn't have to do that, cause their rate was anyway the best I received! On the day of the move - two nimble movers came, wrapped all my furniture, and moved everything super fast into my storage unit. Great experience and good luck to you guys!

Ben N., Gaithersburg, MD Review

I just had a great experience with Cloud9 Moving Company! I needed to move most of my 1bedroom apartment from the 6th floor into a Public Storage unit and the rest of the furniture and some boxes went into my parent's basement. 
My movers Aleksei and Tiran were friendly and professional, arrived on time, worked fast, and even helped with last minute packing of some boxes! Also they managed to get my huge sleeper sofa into my parents basement through the most narrow ctaircase/doorway - all under 4hours and with no damages. 
I honestly never had such a great customer service and will use them again in the future. Highly recommend!

Daniel D., Owings Mills, MD Review

Awesome moving experience. This company is very organized, the Cloud9 moving representative was responsive and helpful during the reservation process, I was provided with
a detailed breakdown of the pricing (the quote was very competitive compared to other companies in the area and accurate), they are flexible with scheduling (I had to reschedule and they were quick to change the date and time so everything worked out perfectly), on the day of the move movers arrived 20 minutes earlier (they also called on their way to let 
me know they are arriving), during the move they worked so fast, they wrapped furniture,
loaded the truck and were on the way to my new home in no time. Unloading was quick and they also put back together my beds and a dining table. Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better move. Thank you, Cloud9 Team!

Lucy C., Silver Spring, MD Review

It's rare that you find any company that is efficient and retains excellent customer service. Cloud9 Moving Company is a minority-owned small business that exemplifies what other companies only strive for. 
Our son faced a last minute move from his apartment, and he contacted Irene towards the end of the month, the busiest time in the moving business. Irene was very hands on from the beginning, tracking timing, updating him and physically helping her able guys with the move.
They took their lead from her, and all of them moved with consistent and polite efficiency.
Irene and Cloud9 Moving put customer service number one, and if this is the norm and not the exception, this moving company will be a standout in a competitive market.
We highly recommend them without any hesitation.

Anna A., Rockville, MD Review

I have done a serious research while looking for a company that could provide full packing and moving of my 4 bedroom house into my new home few miles away. I spoke with different moving company's managers, received different quotes and in the end decided to go with Cloud9 Moving because of the best quote and most importantly the most friendly and professional moving coordinator, Irene. Btw, I also didnt want to worry about time and supplies cost (those can really add up) so Irene offered to provide me with an all inclusive flat rate and it worked out perfectly! Everything from the first in-house estimate to planning of where each piece of furniture will be placed in my new home to the actual moving day was masterfully coordinated and executed.

Boris R., Potomac, MD Review

Fantastic moving company!!! 

I called around for quotes and these guys responded quickly, were friendly and knowledgeable and gave me the best rate for my 2bd/2bath apartment move. 

On the day of the actual move the crew (Alex and Sasha) arrived on time, took utmost care of my belongings, were so fast that they finished earlier then estimated. 

Al V., Calabasas, CA Review

Very detailed , punctual and nice people. Would highly recommend!

Martin F., Sun Valley, CA Review